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If you do one thing this week: selfie at Yayoi Kusama at Victoria Miro

Written by
Sonya Barber

Seen a lot of people on Instagram lurking in a psychedelic gothic pumpkin field lately? They've probably all been to see Yayoi Kusama's hallucinogenic installations at Victoria Miro gallery (or found that mythical gourd cave we've been searching for). The Japanese artist's mirrored 'infinity' rooms are solid selfie gold and most of London has been queuing around the block to get their Insta-moment in the three artworks. 

The show closes on July 30 so you have two weeks left if you want one of these snaps (and to see the art, obvs). Our top tips are:

1. Go during the week. I tried to go on Saturday and the queues nearly made me cry.

2. Go early. They open at 10am (Tue-Sat) so get down as doors open to minimise waiting time.

3. Plan. You only have a short time inside each piece so don't faff around. Get in, get art appreciating, get yourself a snap and get the hell out. 

Here's just a sliver of the millions of selfies already taken in the show:

THE PUMPKIN ONE: 'All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins'


A photo posted by Dario Rastelli (@ciucchero) on


A photo posted by Kate Holderness (@kateholderness) on


A photo posted by Archie Onobu (@atj99) on


A photo posted by @maisiehall on


A photo posted by Victoria Moore (@vix_moore) on


A photo posted by Catherine White (@cwhite_design) on


A photo posted by Rotem Drob (@rotemdrob) on


A photo posted by @kkrsity on


A photo posted by Rose (@rosestone92) on

THE BLING ONE: Chandelier of Grief


A photo posted by BABYGIRL (@perkyblerky) on


A photo posted by AARON (@abg112070) on


A photo posted by Lucy McCormack (@lucymccormack8) on


A photo posted by Anna Fawcett (@annafawcett12) on


A photo posted by @mishmash0712 on


A photo posted by ZuZu 💥 (@zuzaafrykanska) on


A photo posted by Estelle Kolakowski (@estellek_93) on

THE DOTTY (and hard to photograph) ONE: 'Where the Lights in My Heart Go'


A photo posted by Charlotte van Berckel (@ckpvb) on


A photo posted by ben_twin2 (@ben_twin2) on

If you can't get the perfect snap in there, just take a pic of the outside instead:


A photo posted by Sarah Carden (@viscardini) on

Selfie nonsense aside, the show is really good and we gave it ✭✭✭✭✭. Read our review of Kusama at Victoria Miro now.

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