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In pictures: London's first crisp restaurant is now open

Isabelle Aron

Last month, we spotted a new opening in Soho that looked suspiciously like a crisp restaurant. There was a bit of confusion because of the name - Hipchips - were they going to sell crisps or chips? We needed answers. Thankfully, we got them the next day, when it was confirmed that it was in fact a crisp restaurant. Hipchips officially opens today, so we went down to check it out. Here's what we learned:

There's a crisp conveyor belt 

Sadly it wasn't actually switched on when we went down, but, y'know, we got the picture - crisps come on, crisps come off.

There are a LOT of different types of potatoes out there

The crisps might look like those posh vegetable crisps but they're actually all made from different types of potatoes with fancy names, like the highland burgundy or the shetland back, which is officially registered as a 'forgotten food', apparently.

The crisps are savoury AND sweet 

Though not at the same time, thankfully. You get to pick your own potato and then choose if you want to go savoury or sweet, which come dipped in cinnamon sugar. There's also a selection of sweet and savoury dips, including baba ghanoush, spicy katsu curry, smokey cheese fondue, chocolate salted caramel, chocolate praline mousse and peanut butter and jam. 

They literally only sell crisps

And booze. And coffee. But if you were hoping for something else to eat alongside your crisps, there's nothing for you here. A small box of crisps plus two dips costs £4.50, a medium box with three dips is £6.75, or you can go HAM and get a large box with six dips (like we did) for £11.50. So if you're just after a packet of ready salted crisps to eat with your sandwich, you're better off going to the cornershop. But if you fancy crisps for dinner (or lunch, or breakfast - sure, why not?), then you will be in deep-fried heaven. It ain't cheap, but it is TASTY. Although we're still a bit dubious about those sweet crisps.

Check out more pictures of Hipchips:

Find out more about Hipchips


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