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In pictures: Oxford Street's Christmas lights have already gone up

Written by
Isabelle Aron

Sure, summer's only just wrapped up and we haven't even got through Halloween yet, but wander down Oxford Street and you'll notice that it's already looking suspiciously festive – because the Christmas lights have already gone up. And no, you haven't slept through the last month, it's still October. The lights went up in the early hours of Monday morning, but the official switch-on won't happen until early November. And in case you were wondering, it's only a mere 80 days until Santa does his rounds, so it's only reasonable they should be up and ready to go in October, right? The lights have barely been up for 24 hours but Instagrammers have already been honing their perfect #xmas in #london shots. 

Sadly, London isn't much of a winter wonderland at the moment, so here are the lights looking very wet:


A photo posted by Alex Neale (@alexjneale) on

But they look pretty glorious by night, especially when they're slightly less damp:


A photo posted by natalie villarroel (@gnaterpillar) on

Christmas lights in the sun? You definitely don't get that in December:


A photo posted by Delaney Mes (@delaneymes) on

Take a look at some more lovely snaps of the lights – unless you're feeling particularly Scroogey, in which case look away immediately.


A photo posted by Miranda (@feministbagel) on


A photo posted by @giulia__vll on


A photo posted by Lauren Mallon (@fleeceylauren) on


A photo posted by psarocha (@psarocha) on


A photo posted by Roberta (@rorri_86) on


A photo posted by rebeccabkennedy (@rebeccabkennedy) on


A photo posted by Yasmine Basirat (@wil_luv) on

Find out more about when London's Christmas lights get switched on.

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