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Instagrammer Kristina Kashtanova chooses her five favourite photos of London

Luke Abrahams

Kristina Kashtanova, aka Instagram’s icreatelife, has been photographing London for the last five years. The Russian-born photographer describes her work ‘as an exploration of movement' and believes movement has the ability to solve all the stresses and anxieties that come with London life. Kristina’s epic feed features still lifes, polished headshots and sick landscapes, starring beautiful shots of ballerinas and performers springing into action in front of London landmarks like Big Ben and St. Paul's. Here are five of her favourite shots.

St. Paul's Cathedral with Kai Tomioka


A photo posted by Call Me K (@icreatelife_) on

'Sometimes things just work. See the bird? It was there at the right time, which is why I love this image – everything fell into place perfectly when Kai jumped up into the air and the bird soared towards the cathedral. I firmly believe that if something is meant to happen, it will.' 



A photo posted by Call Me K (@icreatelife_) on

'I photographed Brazilian hand balancer Miguel Santana when he visited London last year. I remember a friendly policeman coming up to us and asking if what we were doing was safe. I said, "Well that's what Miguel does for living – he teaches people the art of hand balancing around the world". The policeman said it was very impressive. I love the policemen here, they are always very polite.' 

Dreams of an office worker


A photo posted by Call Me K (@icreatelife_) on

'I plucked this image from my popular series: "Dreams of an Office Worker". I shot it with pro choreographer Tiago Gambogi. Some of my friends complain about being stuck in an office all day long and often tell me they wish they were outside doing something else. I just wanted to create something uplifting and a little bit funny that captured the beauty of London life in all its movement.'

Tutu dancing in London


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'Last summer, one of my projects was to photograph dance students from several different schools across London. This is Mthuthuzeli November, an incredible performer from the Central School of Ballet. Ballet and dance are two of my favourite things to photograph in London – it's just beautiful.' 

Yoga flow on London roofs



A photo posted by Call Me K (@icreatelife_) on

'This is my friend Elad perfecting his skills at 'yoga flow' on a London rooftop. This is another thing I love about London. Us creatives are one big happy family. Elad, my friend and fellow photographer, has helped me a lot, showing me the best places to shoot throughout the city, and as you can see, has even modelled for me.'

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