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Is this the best alternative tube map yet?

Written by
Isabelle Aron

Peter Trotman

Tube map purists may want to look away now, because web developer Peter Trotman has given the original design a major overhaul, and we're seriously into it. He's completely binned off the familiar layout from Harry Beck's original 1932 tube map, instead making it an interactive travel time map (not time travel – it's not that advanced), which moves around as you use it.

Here's how it works – you click a station from the sidebar and that station moves into the centre of the map, giving you a better visualisation of how far everything is from that station, as well as specific journey time information, which is displayed both on the map and on the sidebar next to each station. Plus, it looks like a kind of dot-to-dot version of the tube map, which is strangely aesthetically pleasing.

We think it's pretty damn cool, but don't take our word for it – have a go with the map yourself:

Or go to Peter's website to find out more.

Want more alternative tube maps? Take a look at these:

This alternative tube map shows the average house price at every station

This map shows what the tube and rail map could look like once TfL takes over all the suburban train routes 

And is this tube map easier to understand than TfL's version?

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