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It's National Hot Dog Day! Join the sausage fest at Herman ze German

Ashleigh Arnott

Well hot diggety dog, if it ain't the best day to be stuffing your weiner into a bun! National Hot Dog Day is the sort of meaningless celebration we can get behind, and those of you who feel the same should take advantage of this well-timed deal from Herman ze German: just £7 will get you a hot dog, a side of your choice and a soft drink. The hot-dog professionals were kind enough to let us loose on their menu, and we created some sausage-based monsters. Fortunately none of the following dogs are available from their restaurants.

Schnog schnitzel hot dog Herman ze German


In these troubled times, it is very important that all aspects of our city are united. One love. One city. One Schnog. By which we mean a hot dog that contains both schnitzel AND sausage. This beast of a bite also features sauerkraut, gherkins, crispy onions and curry sauce. It stands for unity, and we sure felt united in our gluttony after eating it.

Pickledog hot dog Herman ze German


Do you like your pork cylinders to pack a little punch? The smoked sausage in The Pickled Dog is piled high with anything we could find that was born from a jar of vinegar. Crunchy gherkins, shredded sauerkraut and finally some spicy jalapeno pieces to put the hot in hot dog.

Chipstick hotdog Herman ze German


'But the hot dog is PERFECT!' we hear you cry. 'How could it GET any better?'. Well, friends, as ever the answer is: CHIPS. The Chipstick's dog is neighboured by subtle but important little rows of crispy fries and sprinkled with crunchy little onion bits. It offers bite, it offers comfort, it offers double carbs. As addictive as its cornershop crisp namesake.

Hungry for ho tdogs? Here's our £7 Herman ze German deal

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