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Justin Bieber: not very good at football, according to a Highgate student

Kate Lloyd

School's a cruel place. One slip up in the canteen, an accidental mix-up between a teacher and your mum or a bad game on the football pitch can start a rumour that ruins your rep for good. Justin Bieber is unfortunately learning that lesson this week after playing football with some boys from Highgate School. One of the lads told his mate that Justin kinda sucked at kicking penalties and she DMed Time Out on Instagram to take the rumour even further. 

'He saw the boys playing football and asked if he could join in,' she says. 'Then started kicking penalties by himself. Apparently he's not very good at football.'

She added: 'He was only there for around an hour because the teachers raised that most of the students are under 16 so the photographers weren't allowed to take pictures.' 

You can read the full DMs below. Names redacted so the Beliebers don't come for her. 

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