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Lambeth council has spent £4,600 on a video about budget cuts

Lambeth Coucil Tough Choices

Lambeth council has come up with a great new way to piss off tax-payers – by spending a big wad of cash on a video about budget cuts.

A Freedom of Information request has revealed that the council spent £4,630 on a video (clumsily named Tough Choices) to explain cuts to their budgets of 56 percent.

The council insists that the video is a 'worthwhile investment' to maintain communication during this time of austerity, but residents and campaigners are, naturally, pretty miffed with the pricey production. The three-minute video features some jazzy pie charts, moving typography and artsy footage of the area to explain the cuts and to drop the bombshell that it will be increasing taxes. 

Jonathan Isaby, chief executive of grassroots campaign TaxPayers' Alliance has slammed the video as 'propaganda.' But in defence of the campaign, Lambeth's deputy leader for finance and investment, Councillor Paul McGlone, said: 'We have been very open about the cost of the budget video – and we believe that spending £4,600 is a worthwhile investment in helping to communicate important messages about the £200 million in cuts we have to make.' And those pie charts don't come cheap, y'know.

In other Lambeth news, the David Bowie mural is getting listed.



cluedo T

The Taxpayers Alliance is not a grassroots organisation, it's a pro-business organisation with some pretty neoliberal views, i.e. the only good taxes are no taxes. Look at their wikipedia entry before swallowing their rubbish first. 

In regards to the video, it's dammned if you do, damned if you don't - if you don#t communicate, you get accused of not being in touch with the people, if you do communicate (or try to), you get called a money waster. 

Tom F

Purely from a production point of view, for what it is £4630 is not at all unreasonable. Videos with Pie charts in can get far far more pricey. Wether the video was needed in the first place though is the real point.