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Lerryn's café in Peckham needs your help

Lerryn's café in Peckham needs your help

The lovely Lerryn's café in Peckham is asking for support after Southwark Council restricted the use of their little tranquil garden space due to noise complaints.


Owner Lerryn has launched a petition against the council's decision saying 'The garden is 30 extra seats during the summer. So this ruling affects my (already modest!) revenue in a big way.' Lerryn also hopes to use the garden to seat diners during the day and also to grow produce and host free gardening workshops with local gardeners. 




The Rye Lane café is an important community hub, serving up yummy 'stuff on toast', coffee and bevvies to locals and those who find themselves peckish in Peckham. With development in the area continuing apace, it's time to help small independent businesses like Lerryn's continue their great work.

Sign the petition now at





stelly k

I am saddened that social media petitions that champion such worthy causes are being used to promote such an unworthy cause. Using petitions in this way makes a mockery of real causes and petitions wiill stop being noticed.

The neighbours are the community. Too many cafe owners opening in Peckham, whether independent or chain, open with sole intention of making money but are quick to overuse the word 'community' when plans don't go their way or potential profits may drop. What community are you serving?

Lena A

I would love for the garden to reopen!

I live two minutes away and Lerryns is a haven! Yes people live around the cafe but this is RyeLane, there's shops and pubs, restaurants everwhere. It's not the countryside. If the cafe opened during the day only, 9-5 , I don't see what the big deal would be. Don't people work anyway? I get that some people rejoice in silence but I guess minor outside noise is to be expected when you chose to live in a world capital.


@Lena A the rear yard isn't on Rye Lane, it's at the back and surrounded by quiet flats. Lots of people work from home, and anyway everyone is home at weekends between 9 and 5. Sorry but it's simply not suitable to be used as a public space and was never supposed to be open to the public in the first place.

Edi C

Lena, I don't quit think you understand the difference. We all live on Rye Lane as well and know it's a busy place. We are part of the hussle and bustle and accept it as there is so many great places to go these these days. Lerryns garden is not the same. It's really intrusive. There's a big difference.

can b

so far all of these comments i have read are horrible and not even seeing how stupid the things they are saying are. how can you possibly complain about noise 1ST OF ALL living in london ??? how can you complain about a small space a very tiny space whilst living on rye lane ? there is always going to be a hustle and bustle in these type of spaces - I'm a local resident and i think that this isn't a hindrance i get that some of you are saying well you live above it or you live by it - sorry there is no need to be so horrible - but i believe the most important thing here is communication - residents and lerryn should be able to talk this out properly and really know each other and I'm talking about the ones around the garden not the people walking past and hearing a snippet of noise. 


@can b tiny space? It's 30 covers. That's a lot of people to have talking over each other outside your window.

Re. Communication. Yes, it would have been nice to have been consulted about this beforehand, but the reality is that the cafe never had permission to do this in the first place and then completely ignored every single planning consultation that didn't go in their favour. So much for healthy communication...

Yes M

I walked past a few months ago late at night and the noise coming from inside was ridiculous, it had a sign saying private party, I felt so sorry for everyone who lives there. There are vulnerable neighbours that want piece and quiet NOT a load of people EVERYDAY talking over each other in the garden. The premises are not fit for what she's doing. 

Stupid stupid petition! 


It's all very well claiming persecution, but Lerryn never actually had planning permission to use that rear yard in the first place, because it's surrounded on all sides by flats and is therefore completely unsuitable as a cafe garden. Not that lerryn actually pays any attention to annoying little details such as planning decisions, opening hours, and the needs of local residents. Persecution, my arse. This is about making more money at other people's expense.

Cri E

I've been complaining about a certain pub's garden on Clapham high street for years and Lambeth have done nothing. Looks like Southwark actually listens to it's residents. 

Cri E

Are you kidding? Has anyone every set up such a selfish petition in history? My days.

Gurt H

Think it's clear Southwark have a point. Sounds nice what you're trying to do, maybe just quickly speak to your neighbours before doing anything. I'll be up for gardening though, local gardener that I am.


"Sign my petition, I'm just trying to help my community, I'm your champion and those horrible monsters at Southwark council are trying to destroy our dreams" Good one. Southwark were correct when they closed the garden. It was a nuisance. Stop trying to act like you're supporting the community, you're a annoyance to the community. It should read "Sign my petition, I want to make loads more money and don't care about who it upsets." We will petition Southwark ourselves relentlessly. We may be fewer in number, but we will win again.


@K K Why don't you just wait until their lease gets bought out by a huge coffee chain with so much money they can just evict you instead of listen to your nasty comments. That is what is happening all over London! It is sad to see so little support for a young woman keeping the notion of independent business alive. I support the petition!

Yes M

@A H @K K AH why don't you move in from one of the neighbours, see how you like it

Edi C

A H sign a petition to stop hate crimes or to bring water to villages in Africa. Not this, this makes a mockery of You are just as bad.

Tobioki C

Thanks Doug for sharing. We live directly behind, it's like have 20 extra people in your living room when the garden is open. Please don't reopen. And Sonya, please get a fair and balanced view before you write.


Agree, Sonya would you like to know our views or is Lerryn a friend and you are shamelessly giving free promotion?

Emilio H

Hey. I stop by for coffee most days but do live near. I was glad when the garden closed. It's not in a great place. Sorry.

Fresh D

Nooooooooooooooooooooo. Please don't. This has been posted on our residents board and we are all writing to Southwark again. It's just not well located. Sorry Lerryns but your garden sucks.

David P

I don't even live that close and it disturbed me. I'm writing to the council to try and ensure it doesn't open again. It was horrible. Build your cafe somewhere else Lerryn.

Emily M

I agree with Doug R, a few summers ago it was a nightmare. Lerryns is surrounded by residents on all four sides. Unfortunately, she chose to build a cafe where people live and that's just bad planning. It may increase your revenue but at whose expensive? We complained to the council for a reason. I second Doug and invite you to live with us for an evening when the garden is open Sonya, how about we start a petition for a worthy cause not for someone who built a cafe in the middle of a residential area.

Doug R

Sonya, you try living below it, then write the article.

David P

Of course she won't, she hasn't even considered how others might feel in a completely lazy piece of journalism.

Doug R

What a stupid petition! It's restricted for a reason as it's right next to where lots of people live and t was adversely effecting their lives. It's a lovely cafe but customers had no respect for people with kids who live nearby.