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'Let’s do it. Let’s start talking about London Independence', says Oliver Keens

Oliver Keens

As Londoners lobby for independence, following the sharp divide between London and national votes in the EU referendum, Oliver Keens offers a few reasons why it might be time for Londexit…

The enormous weight of Londoners who voted to remain yesterday shows us, with the clarity of neat gin, one clear fact: Londoners do not want to leave the European Union.

So on this day of upset and total confusion for London’s remain voters, let’s use this nervous, jittery energy to do something constructive. Let’s start talking about the idea of London Independence.

The whole country has spoken and we’d be arrogant not to listen to that. Vote Leave won. We accept that.

But at the same time, as a brilliant progressive city, we need to keep pushing forward. The UK leaving the EU is a huge threat to London, probably the biggest in a generation.

So: let’s start talking about London Independence as a way of making sure that our friends and colleagues who are EU citizens – who have woken up petrified and unsure of their future legal status – know that we support them.

Let’s start talking about London Independence as a way of rejecting the divisive, hateful language used in the campaign: language that cuts no cloth in our proud multicultural city.

Let’s start talking about London Independence to show solidarity with other great liberal European cities, who must now be scared to the bone that the same thing could soon happen to them.

Let’s start talking about London Independence so the world knows London doesn’t stand for Brexit.

At some point, we’ll need to design a flag. Being Londoners, we'll probably ask someone like Grayson Perry to make it. But that’s all in the future. Today, let’s just start talking.

Sign the petition for London to remain in the EU.

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