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London is getting a naked club night

Chariots gay sauna
© Rob Greig

Despite having existed since the very dawn of humanity, nakedness has somehow managed to become 'trendy' in London this year. Trendy in a PR way, at any rate. We've already had a naked restaurant, a naked rooftop bar and a naked bike ride this year. Now, perhaps inevitably, London's getting a naked club night.

Get Naked is the name of the event. It launches fortnightly at Soho's Takeover Bar from October 7. Nakedness isn't mandatory. Clothes are optional, but anyone willing to drop one's kecks is 'invited to be tastefully body painted'. No word on whether you can specify colours – perhaps Smurf blue or Percy Pig pink, perhaps? Anyway, those brave enough to bare all will be rewarded with 'a bottle of bubbles'. So expect to see a naked guy going full-on Lewis Hamilton at some point in the night. 

The timing of this announcement is interesting, given that Parisians have this week proposed plans for a public nudist area within the city. Many European cities have safe designated zones for public nudity – Barcelona has a nudist beach, Berlin has a nudist park. Londoners, it seems, would rather pay for it – speaking of which, the club is a fiver all night. Happy jiggling, London!



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Living a nudist lifestyle is a personal choice. I'm open to it and do not judge others so long as one is respectful of other's need of privacy.

Rita S

The French have always been ahead of us in this respect, it is about time that we went forward, not backwards.  Look how many attend events and Spencer Tunick's installation's.

Dario S

There are already several naked clubs in london, unfortunately they are for men only so it is not something most people would be interested into. It would be surprising (and very welcome) if this new club would be for both genders.

Tig L

I guess Time Out hasn't heard of SBN at the hoist or Boots Only at Vault...