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London is the twenty-sixth best place in the UK to make a living

Isabelle Aron

Plenty of people come to London on the premise that salaries are higher and therefore we're all absolute ballers, but sadly the reality is a little less glam because the cost of living is so damn high. But you don't need us to tell you that, your bank balance can probably speak for itself. So where should we all up and move to if we want to earn the big bucks Er... Blackburn, apparently. According to research from, Blackburn is the best city in the UK to make a living, followed by Derby and Cambridge.

The study looked at 64 UK cities, taking into consideration whether the cost of living was in line with salaries, as well as the state of the job market. Unsurprisingly, the cost of living in London is the highest of all UK cities, but in terms of where to make the best living, our city came in at number 26. Okay, so it's no gold medal but out of 64 cities, it could be worse. And just be thankful you don't live in Gloucester, which is the worst city in the UK to make a living in and, y'know, there's probably not a lot to do there either.

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