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London isn’t the most stressed city in the UK!

By Matt Breen

Hold on to your hats, people. The folk at credit comparison website Totally Money have fired up their neurosis-ometer (or maybe just run through a few spreadsheets of stats) and compiled a list of the most stressed places in the country. It should hardly come as a surprise that London makes the top ten. But what’s this? It’s not at number one! Believe it or not, there are five places whose inhabitants are more vexed than the caffeine-chugging, exorbitant-rent-paying nervous wrecks who reside in the capital. The top spot goes to another Thamesside town: Southend-on-Sea. Clearly estuary life ain’t that restful: Chatham in Kent comes in at number two, closely followed by Stoke-on-Trent, Slough and Sunderland. So, four places beginning with an ‘S’ in the top five. Coincidence? Yes, almost certainly.   That’s not the point, though. How can these people be more stressed than us Londoners?  Do they have two-hour commutes, hour-long queues for restaurants and Instagram RSI? No they don’t. We’ve failed, and it’s really stressful. 


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