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London reacts on Twitter to the hottest day of the year

Written by
Laura Richards

As temperatures soared in the capital (it's bloomin' 36.7C in Heathrow, people!), Londoners took to Twitter to let off some steam using the hashtag #hottestdayoftheyear. Here's how you guys are (sort of) handling today's heatwave:

Move over, Michael Fish

Getting to work was a barrel of lols

Speaking of lols, some of you Londoners made the most of National Joke Day, too

There weren't just jokes though. Oh no, there were haikus too

London started to lose the ability to speak, it was so hat

Hallucinations in the hat hat heat

But at least some wise guys had some CRAZY methods for cooling off

<3 Julia <3

As 1pm approached, people started to PANIC buy

Panic turned to full-scale rage

What’s worse than rage? A sweaty hipster

Then all kinds of threats started to roll in

Luckily, The Dolphin had some words of wisdom, natch

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The UK's best water slides

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