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London traffic is so bad that buses are moving slower than a horse and cart

Isabelle Aron
Written by
Isabelle Aron

Remember when we shared the news that London buses were moving slower than chickens? Well, it's getting worse. While chickens move at a spritely average speed of about 9mph, figures from TfL show that some central London buses are traveling at an average speed of 3.8mph, which is slower than a horse and cart. Yes, really. And to put that into context, the average walking speed is 3.1mph, so you're almost better off walking everywhere. At least then you could justifiably sack off that gym membership.

So, why are buses so slow? According to research from analysists Inrix, drivers in London waste more than 100 hours sitting in traffic jams every year. Think of all the life admin you could get done in 100 hours - and by 'life admin', we mean catching up on your latest Netflix obsession, obvs. The study also showed that congestion on London's roads has increased by 40 percent over the last four years - and it's only going to get worse. Sorry about that.

Photo: Lee Nichols

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