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London votes to remain despite national vote. Is independence next?

Guy Parsons

So, we're leaving the EU. Bugger.

If you're surprised, it's no surprise – London, as expected, voted strongly to remain:

But whether the cause was rain or apathy, London's impact was diminished by its lower turnout, with 70% of eligible voters participating compared to 74% outside the capital.

The leaderboard of the UK's most-strongly Remain areas is dominated by London boroughs and Scottish districts:

In Scotland, debate is already focused on the possibility of a second, post-Brexit independence referendum. And thoughts in London have turned to the same thing – after all, our population is as large as Scotland and Wales combined.

Such is the affinity between London and Scotland, some have suggested we merge into an oddly disconnected intra-super-lefty-state:

12,000 people have already signed the #IndependenceForLondon petition on

Tell us what you think in the poll below:

When our own Mayor has to issue the statement ‘there is no need to panic’ then you can be sure there's a bit of panic in the air. And as 10% of London's population hails from the EU, our immigrant population faces months or years of intolerable anxiety about their future in the city they call home – we can only urge the government to resolve their status as fairly and quickly as possible.

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