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Londoners are losing sleep over emails from their boss

Matilda Egere-Cooper

Surprise, surprise, we can't get no sleep. And who's to blame? Not your noisy neighbours or those screechy foxes, but apparently, the boss. According to a survey by mattress shop eveSleep, 42 percent of London's workforce have become victims of FOMAE – fear of missing an email – and are losing sleep over it. It seems like the extra pressure of keeping on top of work at all times is depriving us of the recommended seven to nine hours for a proper slumber.

And if that's not enough, the research shows we're also killing the quality of our snooze by constantly checking our social media, while restless partners aren't much help either. Chamomile tea anyone?   

And guess what else Londoners are doing: spending a lot of money on rent

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