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Londoners reveal the weirdest things they eat when no-one’s looking

James Manning

We asked you about your secret food pleasures: the weird combinations you love to eat when there’s no-one around to judge. Here’s what you said. Bon appetit…

‘Sausage rolls and vanilla ice cream is a great combo. Salty meat and puff pastry are offset by creamy sweet ice cream. Trust me, it works!’

‘McDonald’s fries dipped in a McFlurry.’

‘Weetabix with nothing. I crunch it like a bland, satisfying cracker.’

‘I pour a can of Pepsi in a pint of Guinness. Try it, it’s the best.’

‘Parmesan rind. The tougher the better.’

‘Ripe peaches rubbed with fresh garlic. Very nice.’

‘Malt vinegar sandwiches. The bread goes incredibly soggy and basically disintegrates.’

‘When I was a teenager I used to nibble dry stock cubes. Exclusively vegetable-based ones, if that makes it any better…’

Now tell us: what’s the most passive-aggressive thing you’ve ever done?

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