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Londoners reveal their most embarrassing teenage memories

James Manning

We asked you about the most awkward things you had done as teenagers. Here’s what you said…

‘Getting caught wanking.’

‘The guy I liked thought it would be funny to “pretend” to throw me in the river. I fell in head first, wearing my finest Von Dutch cap.’

‘Thinking adults could be trusted.’

‘I recorded myself singing (badly) on a cassette tape, then got asked to compile a mixtape for a party. Can you see where this is going?’ 

‘My mum said my six-year-old sister had found sweetie wrappers all over my room. Then she handed me a sandwich bag containing a condom.’

‘Got caught trying to steal an adult magazine. They called over the person I was with: my gran.’

‘Thirteenth birthday. Bowling. Mum decided “How the Willy Works” was an appropriate present.’

‘My hijab got stuck to my braces in French class.’

‘My mum missed her bus and was allowed to take the school bus. She spotted me hiding at the back, started waving and yelled my childhood nickname.’

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