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Londoners reveal their weirdest fears

James Manning

In the week of Halloween, we asked you about the weirdest things you’re afraid of. Here’s what you said…

‘Wind turbines. Can’t look at them.’

‘Bigfoot, sasquatch and yeti. I blame “The Legend of Boggy Creek”.’

‘Gaps in stairs.’

‘A zombie that can run as fast as Usain Bolt. Come to think of it, a zombie Usain Bolt.’

‘Being swallowed up by an oil tanker with a front that opens, like the one in the Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me”.’

‘Melted ice cream. I feel foul even thinking about it.’

‘Chickpeas. Nasty little demons of grief and horror rolled into “innocent” balls.’

‘When an adult crawls on their hands and knees on the floor.’

‘Being tied to a chair, injected with something that makes my head big, then thrown in a lake as a living buoy.’

‘Someone actually trying to have a conversation with me on the tube.’

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