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London’s buses have got it in for you (especially the No 205)

Written by
David Clack

Lots of people bang on about how dangerous cycling is in London – all ‘walloped by a Transit van at the lights’ this, and ‘crushed by a left-turning lorry’ that – but did you know that more than 400 people were injured by buses between April and June this year? That’s 133 Londoners EACH MONTH who fail to get from A to B without an unexpected detour to H (hospital). A further 1,100 people sustained more minor injuries that didn’t require a trip to A&E.

According to quarterly stats just released by TfL, that’s a 20 percent increase compared to the first three months of the year, with the No 205 from Bow Church to Paddington claiming the most commuter casualties.

So remember people – hold tight, keep fingers clear of moving parts, don’t make eye contact with ANYONE and you might just make it to work in one piece.

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