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London's trains are the most overcrowded in the UK (and we're being ripped off to use them)

Isabelle Aron
Written by
Isabelle Aron

It's been a pretty crappy week for London transport - not only are tube delays are getting worse, but train stations are making millions from poor folks who are bursting for a wee. And now it turns out London's trains are a massive rip-off as well as being the most overcrowded in the UK. Data released today from the Department for Transport shows that on an average day in autumn 2014, there were 139,000 seatless passengers on trains coming into London at morning peak time, compared to 120,000 the same time the previous year. The research showed that 59 percent of passengers on morning peak trains had to stand and more than a quarter of trains into London were above capacity. That's a whole lot of people without bums on seats.

And as if having to stand up (and let's face it, probably get way too close to someone with dubious body odour) during your journey wasn't bad enough, commuters into London are being ripped off too. An investigation from the Campaign for Better Transport found that commuters travelling across London from the suburbs are being charged up to four times the correct fare. According to the campaign group, customers are being sold 'anytime' tickets rather than Oyster card fares, which would be cheaper. One of the campaigners, Martin Abrams, said that station staff blamed the problem on their computers not showing Oyster fares. So basically we're all being shafted because of an IT problem. Sort it out, London – you're making us look bad.

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