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Lucky Chip has launched a 'Stranger Things' menu

Kate Lloyd

Anyone who binge-watched 'Stranger Things' will know the Netflix show was captivating viewing. The TV series became a cult hit this summer, with fans getting sucked in by the ‘80s vibes, cute kids and spooky story about a boy going missing for mysterious reasons. It’s going to be a while before the next series arrives, but now you can literally feed your 'Stranger Things' addiction with the special autumn menu at Lucky Chip.

The menu’s available at Lucky Chip at Ridley Road Market in Dalston, The Old Queen's Head in Islington and Camden Assembly in Camden now, and is split into four sections: ‘Burger Things’, ’Special Things’, ‘Side Things’ and ‘Saucy Things’. There’s even a warning that ‘if you have any allergens to food or parallel dimensions please ask your waiter’. LOL.

On offer: seven special burgers. There’s the Eggos Waffle burger inspired by Eleven’s favourite food. It’s a beef patty, plus American cheese, peanut butter and jelly with a hint of chilli, between two waffles. There’s the Hopper Whopper with upside down in-n-out special sauce, the Demogorgon Burger with a gorgonzola-filled beef patty and pickled onions and the Upfried Down burger, which is basically American cheese sandwiched between pieces of two fried chicken. Yum.

Go chow down before the Demogorgon gets you. 

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