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Meet Wiretapper: the app that brings immersive theatre to your phone

Meet Wiretapper: the app that brings immersive theatre to your phone

David Rosenberg and the Ringham brothers are the twisted masterminds who brought us ‘Ring’ and ‘Fiction’, the two mind-melting headphones shows at Battersea Arts Centre that plunged you into total, absolute darkness and left you to hallucinate a world based on their fiendishly sophisticated sound design. 

Now they’ve gone in the opposite direction for an intriguingly ambitious-sounding new show called ‘Monument’. Instead of being sat down in the dark, you’re let loose on the huge stage that is central London at sunset, free to wander round and track down a story relayed to you by headphones and by Wiretapper – a new app you need to download to participate in the show, that’ll allow you to ‘listen in’ to conversations, interactions and inner thoughts of the show’s cast as you roam the city on a freewheeling adventure of Rosenberg’s devising. 

It all sounds dementedly ambitious and it’s anyone’s guess as to whether it’ll lay down ‘the digital revolution in audio theatre’ that the show’s creators aspire to. But it sounds absolutely fascinating, and worth a cheeky download at the very least. 

‘Monument’ runs Tue-Sun in central London from July 14.

Tickets cost £10 (with a £1.50 booking fee), and the show runs for 50 mins, beginning half an hour before sunset

More information – including the Wiretapper app, and the start times – will become available at from July 6.



Daryl F

Be aware that if the technical system doesn't work on the night there's no one to help you. My audio instructions did not download properly and despite three emails requesting help I got a reply one and a half hours after the event had finished. Left high and dry. Not impressed.