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Nearly every London borough is above the legal pollution limit

Written by
Eddy Frankel

Our city is a smelly smogfest at the best of times, but when the heat is on - like it was last week, thanks to summer deciding to finally show up to the party - the pollution gets even worse. While exploring just how choking it can get out there, we stumbled across this awesome map of London’s most polluted areas from Place I Live. Central London: bad. A12: bad. North Circular: bad. The pollution represented here is coarse dust particles between 2.5 to 10 micrometres in diameter. Gross. In other pollution news, almost every single London borough failed the air pollution limit for toxic NO2 gas, with only Bromley and Sutton coming out clean. Speaking of which, Clean Air London has produced an app that reports the health impact of 'exposure to dangerous airborne particles'. It does that by displaying the 'time to the next attributable death'. Want to know when someone’s about to die of pollution-related illness? There really is an app for that. Get it here. Enjoy the sunshine!

Want to inhale something other than smog? A walk-in cocktail cloud is opening at Borough Market where you can inhale booze.

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