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Stranger Things
Curtis Baker/Netflix Stranger Things

Netflix knows exactly which episode got you hooked on 'Stranger Things'


Netflix UK has been busy crunching numbers about our viewing habits. The network has worked out the exact episodes of its shows that switched us from casual viewers to cancel-your-Saturday-night addicts.

The Netflix data shows that most of us get hooked on the same episode. With ‘Stranger Things’ it was three – the one where Barb (poor Barb! #ImWithBarb) was consigned to the Upside Down. With ‘Making a Murderer’ it was four – when police got a confession from poor Brendan Dassey without a defence lawyer present.

The Netflix shows we're most likely to binge on this autumn are Charlie Brooker’s ‘Black Mirror’, which is moving from Channel 4, and ‘The Crown’ – Netflix's most ambitious project yet. Projected to run over six seasons, it will follow the Queen's reign, from Her Maj aged 25 about to be crowned to the grey rinse years. Written by Peter Morgan (the man behind ‘The Queen’), each season focuses on a decade of Elizabeth's reign. It kicks off in November.


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