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Nine things that will happen at your work Christmas party

Jo I

The work Christmas party may or may not be highlight of everyone’s December. Although it's an excuse to drink heavily with people you spend 12 months of the year slagging off to your friends and family, these nine things are bound to happen.

1. You'll immediately book annual leave for the day after the party, while moaning that it's always mid-week.  

2. You'll moan some more about how tight they were with the free booze last year.

3. You'll arrive at work on the day of the party and ascertain how early you can start drinking at your desk.


4. You'll check the journey to and from the venue 12 times. Sober you is looking after drunk you.

5. You'll get ready and head off for awkward pre-drinks with members of your team you refuse to socialise with normally. You'll try not to get drunk. And fail.  

6. You'll enter one of two embarrassing situations. This could be dancing like no-one's watching or entering into a terribly timed conversation with a member of senior management about ‘how good things could be in the office if….’


7. You'll instantly forget what TfL's journey planner suggested and fall into a taxi.

8. You'll wake up still dressed as a Christmas decoration with a head that screams ‘cheap wine hurts’.

9. You'll blame your hangover on the lack of canapés. 

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