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Nine things you'll know if you live in Camberwell

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Boasting an eclectic mix of trendy food spots, back-street boozers and inspired locals to fill them, Camberwell is every bit the creative hub its art college would have you believe. Nestled between Peckham, Clapham and Brixton, SE5 may just seem like a convenient and less-costly south London dwelling on the surface. But if you look a little closer, you’ll find an ever-expanding community that well and truly holds its brilliantly diversified own.

Here are nine things you’ll know if you live in Camberwell.

1. Your fried chicken consumption has skyrocketed thanks to the plethora of outlets within walking distance. Sometimes you rotate venues so the shop owners don’t think your diet consists exclusively of battered poultry and heavily salted chips. You regret nothing.

2. People-watching from Camberwell Green has become one of your favourite pastimes, and you don’t mind losing some of your dignity in the process. Between the animated long-term locals and effortlessly trendy art students, the entertainment is well worth the momentary awkwardness when your subject suddenly meets your eye.

3. You frequently stumble upon cafes, restaurants and bars you’ve never noticed before and have become the coffee snob you once rolled your eyes at. You blame the baristas at Daily Goods and Lumberjack. Costa will never cut it again.



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4. You often have to veer off the pavement and walk onto the road to avoid the outpour of people lining up at Falafel & Shawarma on the high street (especially on a Sunday)...

5. …Only to nearly be run over by a cyclist, who is pedalling with a vengeance that you will never understand (especially on a Sunday). You can’t blame the shop, though. Those shawarmas are damn good.


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6. You’ve contemplated quitting your day job and becoming a full-time freelance something/arty type. The dungaree-donning people curled up in cafés or fashionistas launching their latest wares just make it look so dreamy.


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7. You claim Oval station as your own. Yes, you moan about the door-to-tube distance and sometimes you have to get the bus but you like their choice in classical music and the ‘Oval thought of the day’ just gets you. Kennington already has one, anyway.


Who doesn't love a daily dose of commute wisdom? ✨ #life

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8. You’ve become somewhat estranged from your friends who live in west London, because getting there involves three transport changes and an hour in transit and just no.

9. You’ve resorted to saying ‘near Brixton’ when new-to-Londoners ask where you live, but you’re secretly glad not everyone has caught on to Camberwell’s unassuming trendiness. You really don’t want to share those chicken shops, anyway.

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dotty p

How would anyone from Time Out possibly know what is going on in Camberwell ...its a know fact amongst most people who live in London that all Time Out journalists live and work in Hackney and never set foot outside the borough. ...and personally we all prefer it that way because it stops other parts of London become pretentious and above themselves ....and where are the tube stations in Hackney ?

arsene q

how can just one article be so cancerous? 

fo camberwell you qwengers you literally gave me cancer

Goris E

One thing you'll know if you've ever written a non-rubbish listicle is that the items in the list should follow from the premise you've set yourself. You can't start with 'Things you'll know' and then proceed to give opinions you'll hold or situations you'll find yourself in, because then the whole conceit breaks down and you might as well have just written '9 unconnected things vaguely about'. 

john s

"FlynnMedia" throwing up gang signs ironically outside chicken shops - is this really one of the best nine things about camberwell? Jesus wept. 

And yet another area of London becomes a playground for d*ckheads

Was gonna continue slating each reason individually but the whole article is so cringe worthy it is beyond parody

Emy B

Great post! Daily Goods has not only turned me into a coffee snob but enhanced my addiction to peanutbutter with their banana on toast.

Oval thought of the day is always relevant to life and shawarma has cured many a hangovers.

SE5 is definitely the new Brixton 👌

Monkey C

I'm going to guess this was written by someone who has never ever stepped foot in Camberwell. Anyone who lives in Camberwell never even bothers with the Tube let alone calling Oval "their" tube station. If you live in Camberwell, you use the bus, all 30 of them, or Denmark Hill. Which is a lot closer than Oval.

And Kim West (see Instagram pic) has been closed for a year. Right up to date again Time Out!

Not a mention of the many, many amazing, and cheap, restaurants. Not a mention of the many artists that work in the area. Not a mention of one of London's best hospitals.


Oh. And you only mentioned 8 reasons. 

Journalist. You need to do better.

dotty p

@Monkey C 

Think its also worth pointing out Monkey that Camberwell is very well served by all transport including the tube ...Oval 15 minute walk ...Elephant 10 mins on the bus ( 4 stops to Trafalgar Square )  plus the overground which was obviously the way the so called journos got from Hackney ( no tube stations )