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Not-so-Happy Meals: a McDonald's in Sutton has banned under-18s

By Hayley Spencer

The poor kids of North Cheam are about to see their social lives take a serious knock as their local McDonald's has banned under-18s from dining unless accompanied by an adult. Young customers who don't want their mum or dad cramping their style will be forced to eat their food outside if they visit the fast food chain between noon and 8pm.

But the kids of Sutton aren't totally innocent in the matter. The manager of the Maccy D's branch (who wanted to remain nameless) explains they've instated the new rule after pesky local teens have been running amok, throwing rocks at windows, vandalising furniture and pouring drinks on staff.

She told The Sutton Guardian: 'Some also smoked drugs outside and parents were complaining to us about their behaviour and, I mean, it is a family restaurant and they felt uncomfortable having teenagers acting like that near their children.' Ah, the youth of today.

However, some locals aren't happy to see all teens tarred with the same brush. The mother of a 15-year-old boy from Barnes has bemoaned the fact he was forced to eat his fries in the car park.

'It is discrimination,' said Karen Bray. 'There isn't even a sign outside telling them that they will have to take their food outside and, even if there was, it would be wrong.'

If it wasn't for those other pesky kids, right?

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