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One million petals will fall over St Christopher’s Place on Wednesday

Kate Lloyd

Summer's a magical time, full of ice cream, pub gardens and, er, snot. Well, if you're a hay fever sufferer, that is.

'Tis the season of maximum pollen, and London's levels peak at around 9pm, meaning hay fever sufferers can be too sneezy to sleep.

Boots Pharmaceuticals is planning to raise awareness about Night Time Hay Fever – aka 'Insneezia' – by releasing a million petals into the air in St Christopher’s Place on Wednesday June 24 at 8pm.

Go! Dance amongst the flowers like the woodland pixie you are! Uh, unless you have hay fever. In which case maybe stay indoors. 

Feeling sniffy? Here's what that spiky stuff floating around in the air is.

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