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Oops, this bus cocked up the ad for the new ‘Alien’ movie

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Fans of the Alien movies are on tenterhooks this month. They've been rewatching 'Alien' and 'Aliens' and brushing up on their 'Prometheus' – all to get ready for the release of Ridley Scott's brand new instalment in the 38-year-old space saga – 'Liaen'. Sorry, 'Liaen'?

This Cambridge bus managed to get the ad for Scott's new film all wrong. It should, of course, be called 'Alien: Covenant', and it opens in UK cinemas on Friday May 12, with a cast that includes Katherine Waterston, James Franco, Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace.

Twitter user Chris Rogers spotted this commercial yesterday, and his tweet has since done the rounds of social media.

But 'Liaen' is growing on us. We especially like that mysterious tagline, 'Oven Can't'. What could it possibly mean? The little we know about 'Alien: Covenant' is that it tells of the crew of a colony spaceship, who stumble on a strange, apparently uncharted paradise where they're confronted by monstrous creatures as well as the robot David (Fassbender). He formed part of the failed mission in 'Prometheus'.

'Oven Can't' suggests there might be a food angle in there too? Perhaps a cooker that refuses to work in distant space and throws the crew's meal schedule into chaos?

We can't wait. Or should that be, tiaw ew tnca?

'Alien: Covenant' opens in cinemas on Friday May 12.

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