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Ping-pong mecca Bounce opens in Shoreditch

Bounce Venue

After three years of setting up court in Holborn, ping-pong bar bounce is opening up its second venue today (October 5).

And these guys aren't messing around. They promise that the new Bounce will be in keeping with the 'authentic heritage of ping-pong as a high society parlour game'. With 17 bespoke tables and a private room, this is a place to get seriously competitive. Expect an east London twist, as luxe furnishings meet urban 'anarchic graffiti style' and UV lighting. It all sounds very fitting for somewhere just 80 yards east of Old Street roundabout.

As well as ballgames, there's an open-plan restaurant serving up traditional Italian pizzas along a 25-foot pizza counter, and suave cocktails from the bar. Neither of these are likely to improve your game. 

Bounce Shoreditch

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ed b

We recently went on our Christmas party to bounce ping pong (shoreditch) and can safely say it’s the worst place I have ever been to by far. The table tennis is fine but the food was appalling. We had the canapés for £30 a person and was meant to get 11 bites per person. Our group managed at best to get 6 bites a person and some didn’t get anything and found that staff and management where unfriendly and not at all polite infact they wanted to throw us out because we were complaining. The canapés said on the menu “substantial” but they were anything but. The pizzas where supermarket standard and the chocolate brownie was the smallest I have ever seen.

If you reading this I’d strongly advise anyone not to go there. Our Christmas party was ruined so don’t let yours be.