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Pokémon Go: Where to find 30 of the best and rarest Pokémon in London

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Luke Abrahams

Pokémon masters of London! If you've gotten to that point where you want to start building up a small army of level 1,600 Vaporeons, then you should head out to some of the city's top attractions to nab the most coveted Pokémon in the land. Tentacool, Dratini, Electabuzz, Hitmonlee, Kabuto, Mankey, Snorlax, Mr. Mime and even the occasional Dragonite (YES DRAGONITE!) have been found chillaxin' at places like the Tower of London, inside Regent's Park, by the penguins at London Zoo and in the flowery gardens of Kensington Palace.

So what are you waiting for? While there's no guaranteeing where the rarest of our little friends might spawn, here's all the latest buzz on where to find and catch the best and rarest of Pokémon in London.


Luke Abrahams

Where to find it: Tower Bridge, St.Katherine's Docks and the Tower of London are just some of the areas this cute little dragon-type Pokémon will show itself.  

Mr. Mime

Where to find it: The most popular place to catch Mr. Mime is in between all the Warhols and Pollocks at the Tate Modern. Many Londoners have also reported that it's possible to catch this rare Pokémon at stations on the Jubilee line. 



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Where to find it: The most common place this powerful dragon-type Pokémon keeps popping up is by her Maj's fancy crown jewels inside the Tower of London – so it might be worth paying the entry price just to catch it. Hint: they tend to spawn very early in the morning around 7am #pokegoals.



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Where to find it: Regent's Park and London Zoo are the most popular places to conquer a Mankey. 



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Where to find it: Snorlax can regularly be found snoring his head off in Regent's Park but there have also been reported spawnings throughout Green Park and near Buckingham Palace.  


Where to find it: The most successful catch rates for a Magmar occur in and around Hampton Court Palace. If, however, you're not willing to travel into the far reaches of Zone 5, there have been a few sightings along the entire stretch of the Square Mile.  


Where to find it: Regent's Park will spawn plenty of these rare ancient Pokémon. 



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Where to find it: There have been numerous sightings in and around the areas of Regent's Park, London Zoo, Lincoln's Inn Fields and in Bloomsbury squares and gardens – oh, and inside gyms.



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 Where to find it: Kilburn and Victoria Park seem to be the best places to catch this raging green beast.



Where to find it: This rare and fabulous Pokémon (reportedly one of the strongest in the game) spawns in the most random places so it's impossible to pinpoint an exact location. Vaporeon nests are normally found near major landmarks such as St. Pancras station (pictured) and inside Royal Parks such as Green Park and St. James's Park. Pokevision (it's only cheating if you do it more than once) might come in handy for this one.



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Where to find it: Russell Square is full of powerful Rhyhorns. 




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Where to find it: One of Team Rocket's most infamous Pokémon can be found lurking around the Tower of London.  


Luke Abrahams

Where to find it: Electabuzz seems to pop up in the most random of places like in these roses bushes inside Gordon Square. For the most successful catch rates, go to Regent's Park (the closer to the zoo the better) to seize this rare electric-type Pokémon. 


Where to find it: This iconic fire-type Pokémon hides out near the ArcelorMittal Orbit inside the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park but as you can see, one lucky Pokémon trainer was able to catch it right in front of the Parthenon marbles at the British Museum. According to passionate Reddit users, Holland Park is also another Charmander hotspot. 



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Where to find it: This beautiful and rare Pokémon seems to be popping up everywhere on the Isle of Dogs and around the walls of the Tower of London.



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Where to find it: Victoria Park and Regent's Park will spawn plenty of these gorgeous rocky snakes.  



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Where to find it: East London is the Viridian forest of London town and is prime hunting territory to stumble upon a rare Exeggcute nest, especially in green areas around Wanstead. 



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Where to find it: This real-life Nessie can be a bit of a pain to catch but there have been sightings all over town, particularly in places like Russell Square, Buckingham Palace Gardens, Vauxhall bus station and near the Shard. 




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Where to find it: The most famous Pokémon in town has nests in Haven Green (near Ealing Broadway Station), Bunhill Fields (near Old Street and Moorgate), the Victoria Embankment and bizarrely in Elephant Castle. One Reddit users even reported that you can catch one outside 10 Downing Street. Now don't do anything stupid, Pokémon trainers.



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Where to find it: This incredibly rare Pokémon seems to spawn regularly between London Bridge and Tower Bridge. 



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Where to find it: You'll find this poisonous Pokémon running around St. Paul's churchyard during your lunch break. 




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Where to find it: You'll catch a Sandshrew right in front of the entrance to the Tower of London. 



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Where to find it: St. Katherine's Docks is the place to go to catch this fabulous Pokémon. 



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Where to find it: This fighting-type Pokémon can be caught outside the Tower of London. 


Where to find it: Geodude was last seen sorting out those dodgy politicians at the Palace of Westminster but it has reported that many UCL campuses also spawn plenty of this 'don't mess with me' Pokémon. 



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Where to find it: You'll catch this spaghetti-looking Pokémon under Big Ben and inside Westminster tube station. 



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Where to find it: Duduo hangs about by the aviary at London Zoo. 



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Where to find it: Gordon Square and Woburn Square Gardens will spawn plenty of Cubone. Give this one plenty of berries before you catch it though as he is notorious for running off. 



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Where to find it: Markfield Park in Tottenham, Gray's Inn Road and Peckham Rye Common are rife with this fiery puppy. 


Where to find it: Who would have thought Mudchute city farm was full of Ponyta? Top London Pokémon trainers have also reported that Holland Park's amazing Kyoto Garden has a huge Ponyta nest. Turn the augmented reality feature on for this one, it's gonna be a pretty snap. 

Have you seen any rare Pokémon in your area? Let us know in the comments! 

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