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Pollution-fighting bus stops could help Londoners breathe easy

Written by
Hayley Spencer

Bus stops aren't exactly a model of cleanliness – they're a magnet for 3am takeaways leftovers, abandoned gum and lost property. And what about the air? All those double deckers pumping out noxious fumes aren't good for your lungs or your skin. So we're hoping that London councils agree to shell out for these awesome pollution-fighting filters.

A company named Airlabs thinks its oxidation filters could help us all breathe more easily and save lives in the capital. They're hoping to install the filters on bus stops, the sides of buildings and on tube platforms, to zap exhaust fumes and pump out clean air.

They cost around £4,000 but work best in high-density areas, so could be a real breath of fresh air for areas like Oxford Street and the City.

Independent tests have already being conducted on Marylebone Road by the Environmental Research Group at King’s College London and a further test is planned on Oxford Street.

In other news, you'll soon be able to see live traffic updates on the back of London's buses

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