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Property listings might soon include information on how polluted the local area is

Rosie Percy

Alongside ‘where’s the nearest station?’ and ‘are white goods included?’, estate agents may also soon have to answer ‘how well can I breathe?’, as air quality data may be added to property listings in the near future.

The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) has said it believes the information will become a compulsory addition to new property listings for potential homeowners. Explaining why, chief executive of the NAEA Mark Hayward told BBC Radio London: ‘I think anything that would affect someone’s decision whether to buy or not should be there to be seen by the public.’

The move is especially poignant for those getting on the property ladder in London, as it’s estimated that 9,500 people die from air pollution here every year.

Including air quality data will allow buyers to make a more informed, healthier choice about where to call home. However, it could impact the value of some houses, with property in more polluted areas potentially taking a hit.

You may be able to grab a bargain, though... as long as breathing clean air isn’t all that important to you.

Did you know that tube passengers are exposed to ‘eight times more pollution than motorists’?

Worried about air pollution? There’s an app that shows you the least polluted routes through London.

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