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Scarily impatient people, rejoice! Amazon Prime Now has launched in London

David Clack

Absolutely need a packet of Fruit Pastilles in your hand in the next 60 minutes but can’t be bothered moving? There is – as the lazy stock opening sentence for blog posts about apps goes – an app for that.

Prime Now is the latest instant gratification shopping service from gargantuan online retailer Amazon. It’s an evolution of its original next-day-delivery Prime service, which now affords £79-a-year subscribers in qualifying postcodes the luxury of having their items delivered within two hours, or within an hour for an extra £7 fee. There’s a catalogue of 10,000 items to choose from, ranging from household groceries to hi-tech gizmos.

The service added London to its portfolio of locations yesterday, with products and delivery times varying depending on your postcode (Zone 1 is naturally the best served). 

Sure, summoning a courier from the other side of the city just because you quite fancy a can of Sprite isn’t going to win you Eco-Warrior of the Year, but then again there’s a ton of situations when super-fast delivery could seriously save your hide. Family on their way over but you forgot it was mum’s birthday? Genuine bog roll emergency? Drunk and bored? Relax, you terrible, lazy idiot – salvation is just a few taps away.

Image: Garrett Coakley.

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