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See what London's streets looked like hundreds of years ago with this interactive map

Isabelle Aron

A lot has changed in London over the years, and we're not just talking about the fact that the city's streets are now swarming with people trying to catch Pokémon all day long.

To help document London's rich history, the City of London has launched the interactive London Picture Map. It's part of their new London Picture Archive, Collage, which provides free access to over a quarter of a million historical images of London. But if you're the kind of person who likes to see things mapped out, they've geo-tagged over 100,000 photos, prints, paintings and film clips, which relate to a specific street, event or building – even if the building doesn't exist anymore.

The interactive map means you can search for street names or places to see how your favourite London spots have changed, like the snap of Broadway Market in 1975 (pictured above). If you've been to Broadway Market lately, you'll know that F. Cooke, the 'Live Eel Importer' shop, is still going strong as a pie and mash shop. Although we're not sure how thriving the 'live eel' trade is these days.

The images date back to 1450 and the map covers all 32 boroughs as well as the City of London. So put down 'Pokémon Go' and spend a couple of hours searching the archives instead.

Explore the London Picture Map

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