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Seven hilarious ways Londoners make friends, as told by Redditors

Written by
Luke Abrahams

So why is it so difficult to make new friends in London? Well, according to one Reddit user it's because 'EVERYBODY in London is an asshole'. Charming eh? With rising rents, shitty landlords, low wages and power-hungry bosses, it's no wonder that even the best of us can get a little 'assholely' from time to time. It's not all doom and gloom, though. Some of Reddit's finest have set up awesome meetups and groups across the capital to help us lonely folk make friends – aww, how sweet! From drug-fuelled night outs to finding your next best mate on Tinder, here are seven ways Londoners stay #bffs4eva, as told by the city's hilarious Redditors. 

1. Go to a meetup


A photo posted by moby XⓋX (@moby) on

Vegan club anyone? 

2. Try dating apps

When in need of a friend, always rely on: 

Comment from discussion Make new friends.

3. Take up sports

Find your future bestie in a gym changing room...


 4. Join a club

Sick of the wife? Here's your solution. 

AA jogging club anyone?


5. Drink, party and rock 'n' roll


A photo posted by Thalia Nika (@bythalia.n) on

Because booze + random stranger = BFFS 4eva! 

Chewing ya face off leaves a great impression. Apparently. 

Screw the hobbies, it's all about those pills. 

No words. But then again, London is the undisputed home of crazed debauchery. You could always try... 

6. Form a support group

There are some really scarred Canadians out there.

7. Or, just follow these bits of advice

Give this man the 'friend of the year' award.

But maybe not this fella...


And if you're not about making friends at all, just remember these words of 'wisdom'.

If you're looking for new pals, you can now have a cuppa with strangers.

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