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London Underground sign at night
Flickr / Hernán PiñeraHangovers and heavy petting: just some of the side effects of an all-hours Underground service.

Seven things Londoners can expect when the night tube arrives

Written by
Rosie Percy

The night tube: as highly anticipated as it is delayed. But now that the all-hours service might be arriving in August, we're ever closer to a night out free from wondering how you’ll get home. So what does a weekend without a last train home potentially mean for you?

Rise of the dive bar

With floors as sticky as flypaper, the dive bar will rise again. Offering warm lager and late nights, they’ll no longer be just the feeding ground for freshers but for those of us when Friday drinks snowball into a 5am-er.

Sick on every seat

With drinking time uninhibited by travel and the cocking motion of the tube carriage, something is going to shift during transit. That something is going to the kebab you picked up on Clapham High Street. Did someone say Code 3?

Lying, and lots of it

At least the last tube gave you a get-out clause for the office party you didn’t really want to be at. We get the feeling lots of housemate’s boyfriend’s sister’s cats are going to need feeding soon.

Heavy petting

That extra time bought by the night tube leads to another carafe and a half of house red with your hot date. Cue lowered inhibitions and canoodling on the Central line.

 More mid-week hangovers

Stock your desk drawer with Berocca and pray the barista at Pret knows your usual order, because hump day pub trips and existential office hangovers are about to hit a peak.

 Booty calls

Sometimes the night bus to Highgate is all that holds us back from answering the siren call of 'hey, you up?'. With trains running throughout the night, there’s nothing stopping us from seeking thrills at 3am.

Saving on cab fares

Forking out for surge charges and splitting the fare on your Uber home will be a thing of the past. You’ll save cash but will inevitably splash it on another round seeing as you can stay out for longer. Swings and roundabouts.

In other tube news, Holborn tube station is trialling standing on both sides of the escalator for six months.

And if you're looking for rush hour lols, check out these hilarious Twitter accounts every London commuter should follow.

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