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photo credit: Oyster card :D via photopin (license)

Seven things you can match with your Oyster card

Written by
Samantha Baines

Us Londoners are stylish beings. We match our shoes to our handbags, our lips to our post boxes and our moods to the colour of the sky. Why shouldn't we match that tiny bit of plastic that we use day in, day out: the one tourists can't seem to get the hang of and the thing that pisses us off the most when we can't find it (that and our keys). Here are seven things you can match to your Oyster card to become the fashion god/goddess you've always dreamed of being.

1. Nails

A student actually created Oyster card nails! Handy.


6th Aug 2016 Coincidence or design ?! #london #oystercard #tfl #plate

A photo posted by ARMaani (@instamaani) on

2. Crockery 

Eating doesn't have to be dull. Why not co-ordinate your dinner with your journey home? And why stop at crockery, a whole Oyster-themed kitchen would be glorious, wouldn't it? You'd never need to leave the house – but if you did, there's an Oyster card for that!

3. Dory

Yes, Nemo was great but who doesn't love the new 'Finding Dory' movie? She's got the voice of Ellen Degeneres and she matches your Oyster card – win-win!

4. Your embroidery

Need a new past-time for those tube journeys now knitting is not in season? Well, it's about time embroidery came back into fashion. They all do it in those period dramas. You'll want to coordinate your new past-time with your Oyster card and make sure you tap in and out with your needle or you'll get knots.


#oystercard #london

A photo posted by Tomáš FUCK (@tombinek) on

5. Your car

On those days you don't take the tube, colour-coordinate your other travel options. This comes in 'Oyster card blue'.

6. Shoes

Not your own shoes (that is so last season). You must match your Oyster card to strangers' shoes on public transport and then follow them throughout their journey. You wouldn't want to bump into someone wearing 'Overground orange' now, would you?


#oystercard #londonfashion #streetphotography

A photo posted by Gabby Kere (@gabbykere) on

7. Clothes

What this young fashionista has done brilliantly is not only match her jacket to her Oyster, she's also matched her jogging bottoms/pyjamas to the road which shows real flair and attention to detail. 

In more tube-related news, can you guess which line has the most badly behaved passengers?

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