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Seven things you need to know about Secret Cinema’s 'Dirty Dancing'

Seven things you need to know about Secret Cinema’s 'Dirty Dancing'

Nobody’s putting baby in the corner over the next couple of weeks as Secret Cinema brings classic movie 'Dirty Dancing' to London. While most of the details about the event are secret (duh!), here’s what we know so far.

When is it?

Secret Cinema’s 'Dirty Dancing' is running for six afternoons over the course of two July weekends. Catch it on July 15, 16, 17, 22, 23 and 24.

Where is it?

It's a secret!

Are there still tickets left?

Yes, there are tickets available for all six events, starting at £65 for a standard ticket and going up to £129 for the VIP experience.

What do we know so far?

You’ll be transported to Max Kellerman's Catskills holiday resort in 1963, so expect dancing lessons and games galore. And all attendees are given a retro name and job: I’m a tailor called Martha Peterson.  

What should I wear?

You’ll find ideas (and outfits to buy) on the Kellerman’s online store. Ideas range from ‘Fame’-style dance-wear to Hawaiian shirts and 'prom' fit dresses. You could even deck yourself out in Kellerman’s official merch. For a cheaper option, we reckon it’s a good shout to head to Beyond Retro. Or why not just turn up carrying a watermelon?

What else I need to bring?

The website suggests you bring a hula-hoop, beach ball, neckerchief, romantic note to your dance instructor and blanket/cushion.

Anything else I need to remember to do?

Don’t forget to check-in for your stay on the Kellerman's site

Read more here – and don't forget to have the time of your life! 

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NatalieO Tastemaker

We were quite fortunate as we did sit near the front at the screen so we were able to hear the film well- the toilets are always generally busy at these events especially with bars. Def bring a watermelon!!

Ella N
Ella N

What an appalling event.  Here is what you get for £70:

A 35 minute walk to the venue

Huge queues for the food, which had pretty much run out very early on.  For £8.50 we were able to get a very sad burger

Tiny bottles of wine (three sip job) for £5

Huge queues for the toilet

Horrendous sound quality

You could actually go to a tent and 'carry a watermelon' for a charge.  Seriously?

Your phone made to go in a plastic bag provided but no explanation as to why.  If you were caught on your phone, you got a very aggressive member of staff forcing you to put it in the bag

Rude staff. So rude you are actually scared of them. At the end of the evening they pretty much force you out of the gates at great velocity

It was a great night for the organisers. Robbers. 

Thankfully, I was with a lovely group of friends, but we could have just sat at one of our houses and watched the film for free without being robbed and bullied.

Kathleen C
Kathleen C

A huge, expensive disappointment.  We spent all night queuing for food and the toilets.  The food stalls ran out of food as they just couldn't cope with the volume of people - the event was massively over sold to greedily maximise profits. 

The food was terribly overpriced - we queued for an hour to buy a very average £8.50 burger and they'd run out of chips  by the time we got to the front of the queue. The chips would have set us back another £3.50.

The staff were incredibly rude, sometimes to the point of aggression.  

This was my first Secret Cinema event and it will be my last.

Derek H
Derek H

Went last night, all i can say is that i was hugely disappointed.

Toilets, nowhere near enough, especially for women, queues nearly an hour long and near riots when the women had to start using the mens at the same time as the men, no one there to take charge or sort it out.

Food outlets, again nowhere near enough and half of them ran out of food halfway through the evening, as well as being well overpriced.

Anyone sitting anywhere past the middle couldn't hear anything, the sound was non existent and the figures doing live action on stage could only be seen through a telescope.

Compared to the Star Wars one i went to, complete opposite, i would give this one a grudging 2/10, and will seriously consider not bothering to go to any of their events next time.

Here is a tip Secret Cinema, try not to cram as many people in as you can to maximise profits and focus on improving the quality for fewer people.

Sarah S
Sarah S

I could not agree more. Terrible queues, terrible sound, not "immersive" and AWFUL customer service. I have complained to Secret Cinema face to face, via email, via Twitter, via Facebook and no-one is interested in apologising.