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Seven times Netflix's 'The Crown' nailed living in London

Written by
Samantha Baines

Comedian, blogger and 'The Crown' actress Samantha Baines reckons the new period drama is more relatable to London life than you think. 

'The Crown' may be all about the Royals and high society, but it was mostly filmed in London near us normal folk – and a lot of it is set in the city, too. Here are several moments from Netflix's crowning glory that show that our newest binge-watch has nailed London life.

1. London pollution is pretty bad 

Playing Mary in episode four was a lot of fun – even though my role is essentially coughing in different locations (see above). We might not have the smog of 1950s but 60 plus years on and our air still ain't pretty.

2. The tube priority seat stand-off 


Winston Churchill (John Lithgow) and the Queen (Claire Foy) perfectly recreate the tired lady vs actual OAP priority seat stand-off that we see daily on our fine tube network.

3. Working from home because it's cold and London desk spaces are too expensive


Churchill had it right – you should always work naked with a glass of something delicious. Anyway, working out of your bathroom is better than a freezing warehouse in Vauxhall with no toilet paper but a really 'urban creative vibe'.

4. Spotting people handing out free samples at Victoria station


Who doesn't love free stuff? Prince Phillip is definitely on board. 'A teeny deodorant and a drink I would never normally buy, for free? Yes please. Can I have seven? Asking for a friend.'

5. Agreeing to go to your seventh out-of-town wedding this year


Why can't everyone get married within walking distance of a tube station! 

6. The Christmas party hangover


I'm sure this is how we've all looked after a night on the town. Oxygen tanks at the ready.

7. Spending four hours Christmas shopping in Westfield and only buying one thing... for yourself


Tis the season for giving but who said anything about other people? 

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