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Sign a petition to stop Google Maps sending cyclists down canal towpaths

Kate Lloyd

Anyone who's cycled down the towpath that runs alongside Regent's Canal will tell you that it's uneven, over-crowded and dangerous. Not only is the east London thoroughfare only wide enough for two people to walk side by side (and even narrower under bridges), it's also used by people, children and dogs who might not notice a cyclist whizzing towards them. Oh, and did we mention it's right next to deep water?!

Despite this, Google Maps still favours the route over quiet back roads when it's telling cyclists how to get from A to B. Now, a new petition has been started demanding the app downgrades the path to decrease the number of cyclists who use it. Campaigners suggest that the towpath's average speed is adjusted to 5mph so that the app recognises it as slower than cycling on the roads and therefore less favourable. They write: 'Downgrading the towpath so that it is not a favourable route on Google Maps will result in less cycles using the towpath and encountering these dangers.'

Sign the petition here.

Photo: Ben Rimmer 

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