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Six differences between dating in London in winter versus summer

Jordi Sinclair

'Tis the season where some singles wouldn't mind having someone next to them to snuggle up with (after all, it does help to save on our extortionate winter gas bills). So as the seasons change, so do our dating habits. Here are just a few subtle (and not so subtle) changes Londoners might make when it comes to dating in hot and cold weather:

1) Hold me closer, tiny dancer!

We snuggle more in winter. Fact. In summer, we basically turn the light off, roll to opposite sides of the bed, sweat for eight hours and complain about how bad we slept the next day.

2) Love is in the air

Nothing says 'winter romance' more than having someone to slob on a sofa with all weekend and watch hours of 'Game Of Thrones' in the same clothes you've worn all weekend and not be judged. In summer it's more about flings. Being unattached and fancy-free lets you swan from one rooftop barbecue to the next without a care in the world.

3) Princess LAYER

In winter it's a complete lottery in terms of what someone looks like underneath the mountain of layers they're wearing. In summer you pretty much know exactly what you're going to wake up next to while nursing a hangover.

4) Let's take it outside

During winter it's 'why don't you just come over and we'll get some take-away and watch "Elf"' for the 600th time.  In summer it's 'let's go to a trendy pop-up outdoor cinema and watch "Elf"' and pay 20 quid each instead.

5) Hair-raising!

In winter there's a lot of unimpressive beanie hair going on during dates. In summer it's all about letting your long, luscious locks roam free as you enter the room in slow motion while 'Careless Whisper' plays in the background. No?

6) Umbrella... ella... ella

During winter in London you need to take a brolly everywhere as getting drenched with your date probably isn't great for either of you. During  summer in London... well, it is London, so just see above.

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