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Six people you'll see on your lunch break in London this summer

Lizzie Mulherin

For Londoners powering through the daily grind, an actual lunch break is a rare occurrence. But now that summer is upon us in all of its unreliable glory, those brief glimpses of sunshine are enough to lure even the most avid office worker away from their screen. All of the fresh(ish) air never fails to bring out the city’s finest at this time of year, so between the hours of noon and 3pm, here are the people you’re likely to spot.  

The determined jogger

These serious exercisers are out in full force on a mission to be beach-ready, apparently not bothered by the amount of human obstacles they're forced to dodge – including you. And if they're not slipping past you in a blaze of determination, they're shamelessly jogging on the spot beside you as you wait to cross the road.

The drunkard who knocked off early

The opportunity to knock off early and booze in the sunshine is enough to excite even the most seasoned drinker – so the chances of an inebriated person stumbling into you with a slurred apology have never been so high. Good luck out there.

The fancy-free freelancer

The picture of effortless composition. As you burst into your favourite café and continue to check your emails while you order, the freelancer sits calmly in the corner, sipping their iced latte like they have all the time in the world because, apparently, they do. And they're not giving up that corner seat anytime soon. 


Spot the sun-deprived Australian... #lizardlyf

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The person dressed for the beach

This sun worshipper is so desperate to maintain their tan from Spain, they’re willing to strip in between meetings to top it up. The British sun is a rare thing to be treasured, but let’s be honest – this city is no Ibiza.

The person who thinks it’s still winter

Smothered in a knit, long trousers – and is that a scarf? – just looking at them is enough to make you break a sweat. Sure, the wind-tunnelled shady spots might feel a bit fresh, but that kind of attire on bright and shiny day is a dizzy spell waiting to happen.

The stressed-out office manager

They storm down the street with enough purpose to scare the most determined joggers out of their path, and can be heard barking down their phone at some poor subordinate from a mile away. Avoid all eye contact.

And if you head to the park, keep a look out for these six characters.

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