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Six places to go to escape all the US election madness

Written by
kyra hanson

In the likelihood that you're feeling a bit stressed or just itching to take a break from the tense political discussions that have gripped news channels and will probably dominate all social media for the foreseeable future, head to these havens for some quiet contemplation, or maybe just find a quiet corner to drown your sorrows. 

Hide out at Cahoots basement bar 


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Forget sheltering from the Blitz, head to Cahoots in Soho to shelter from any Brexit/Trump-induced anxiety you might be feeling. Let the London Underground paraphernalia and vintage accessories transport you to simpler times when there was less to worry about because the news didn't travel as far and fast as it does now. Order a Judy Garland, sit back and pretend you're in 'The Wizard of Oz'. 

Find inner peace in Kyoto Garden


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Find your feng shui among the koi carp and oriental planting of Holland Parks's Japanese garden. Kyoto Garden has been providing a haven for stressed-out Londoners since 1992 but it's not the only place. The city has plenty of hidden gardens for a spot of meditation. If you need something to take the edge off recent events, embark on one of these autumnal walks conveniently paired with London pubs. 

 Get lost in an escape game 


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Nothing distracts the mind from the worries of the day like being given an incredibly difficult riddle to solve and a strict time limit in which to solve it. From the intense pressure of escape rooms, to challenging group timed runs, London has plenty of brilliantly immersive escape games to focus the mind and keep you on your toes. 

Let everything wash over you at Float Works


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Let the stresses of life be assailed by a long soaking in an Epsom salt bath. Float Works immerses participants in a darkened, water-filled pod, accompanied by soothing music to drown out any uninviting thoughts you might have about the state of the world or whatever. The experience is a mood-enhancer and it's an extra 20 minutes you won't be spending getting into arguments with people on social media. 

Chill out in the Wellcome Collection's reading room 

Forget opinion pieces, dodgy pollsters and political rhetroric, fill your head with inspiring stories, scientific advancements and forgotten moments in history instead. The Wellcome Collection's Reading Room is a comfortable hybrid of gallery, library and events space, designed to encourage you to indulge your curiosity, which could be just what you need to feel excited about life again. Alternatively, here are five cosy bookshops for you to lose yourself in. 

Escape to another dimension and go and see 'Doctor Strange'

If all else fails, there's always the reassuring presence of Benedict Cumberbatch, who stars in this weird and wonderful film about a fame-seeking surgeon who ends up meeting a shaven-headed guru who promises to open his mind to the endless possibilities of this infinite universe. It might just shine a light on the possibilities of the real world, or at least distract you for long enough to stop you feeling world-weary.

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