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Mo Farah
Image: Andy Parsons

Six things you might not know about Mo Farah

By Time Out London editors

We chatted to Olympic superstar Mo Farah and found out what makes him tick.

He's superstitious

'On the day before a race I always shave my head. And when I go for a jog on the morning of the race, I always wear leggings. It can be 100 degrees outside and I'll still be wearing them.'

He's into freezing himself

'The weirdest part of my training is getting into a nitrogen chamber as a way of recovering. It's -180F and you spin around in it for two-and-a-half minutes. You can't stand still or you'll freeze. It's better than an ice bath, though, because you have to sit in them for 15 minutes.'

He's partial to a cheeky peri-peri

'I visit Nando's quite a lot when I'm back. The best is the one in Teddington, opposite where I stay. My order's half a hot chicken, corn on the cob and spicy rice.'

He's a classic dad

'I'm very competitive. When I'm playing computer games with my kids, I'm like: "No, you're not going to beat me. We play Mario Kart and Fifa. I used to play Fifa when I was a kid too. I'm always Arsenal or Bayern Munich.'

His sporting idol is The Greatest

'My hero growing up was Muhammad Ali. I loved his bubbly character. It was great that he stood up for who he was and that's something we all should do: stand up for who we are and what we believe. I try and do it, be as honest as I can be - especially now I have kids and they see me as a role model and a dad. It's important that I show them the right path.'

He has a motto that keeps him running

'Don't dream of winning: train for it.' 

Want to know more about Mo? Read our full interview with the great London Olympian.

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