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Snap sad: Londoners take the most miserable selfies

Written by
Isabelle Aron

Londoners already have a bad rep for being a bit of a miserable bunch, but it turns out we can't even manage to crack a smile for the camera – even when we're the ones taking the picture. A survey found that Londoners are not so snap-happy, with London selfies featuring the most unhappy faces compared to selfies taken in Bangkok, Berlin, Moscow, New York and São Paulo. Somerset House commissioned the research as part of its new Big Bang Data exhibition, analysing 640 selfies taken in a 5km radius around Somerset House in September this year. They used facial analysis software that estimates happiness on a scale of 0-1 and found that London's average was 0.55, compared to 0.62 in the other cities. Hey London, why the long face?

Read more about the project and see some sad selfies.

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