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Someone is renting out a tent in a London living room for £550pcm

Written by
Kate Lloyd

Remember the heady days of June 2014, when we laughed at the ad for this tiny bedsit in King's Cross and thought 'surely the London property market can't any worse this?!' Well guess what –  we were all wrong.

Fast-forward 14 months of desks converted to bedrooms, sheds converted to bedrooms and a house with an actual huge tree growing through it, and here we are: someone has advertised a tent in their Gipsy Hill dining room for £550 a month (plus bills) on Spareroom and we can't work out if it's a joke or not.

Advertised by two anonymous men aged between 36 and 42, the crinkled tent is a dark green and light grey number. The ad's first photo shows it positioned next to a small table and a spindly potted tree with a handy caption reading 'the room and the tent in the room'. 

The ad says: 'We have decided to rent out our living room as we never use it. There is still a dining table in there so we will still eat in there, so we have put a tent in the room for privacy, and we would only eat breakfast and dinner in the room. The tent has been furnished with drawers, sleeping stuff and a chair.'

That's right, while on the outside your potential £550pcm pad looks like the kinda tent you left behind at Leeds Festival 2007, inside it's the bachelor/bachelorette penthouse of dreams. 

There's a wooden dining chair, sleeping bag, roll mat, reading lamp and chest of drawers. Plus, pay particular attention to the red 'North Face' sticker, which gives the whole den a wholesome outdoorsy vibe. You're even able to make use of the shared bathroom and kitchen and a communal garden.

Don't get too excited though, the ad goes to on to explain: 'During festival season I might need the sleeping bag for a few days and the tent but we should have a sofa by then which you can sleep on instead.' 

Fine, I guess that's fair, especially when you consider the fabulous view from inside the tent – sorry, room, it's definitely a room:

 This truly is a luxury London home.

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