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Someone's taken London's worst tube adverts and made them way better

Written by
Isabelle Aron

Getting on the tube every day is enough of a drag without all those stupid adverts trying to convince you that your 'perfect match' is somewhere in the same sweaty tube carriage as you, or that buying some weird vitamins will essentially make you immortal. Perhaps the worst of all these adverts is's recent #LoveYourImperfections campaign, which shows various people with 'imperfections' like not knowing how to pronounce 'Marylebone' and being unable to see the word 'Cockfosters' without laughing. But it's this guy's imperfection that has seriously irked commuters:

And we can't help but agree. What's your problem, Mark? Have you never been on the tube before? 

But a parody Twitter account called We Fix Your Adverts is giving these ads a much-needed makeover – and now the folks from's adverts have got a whole new set of 'imperfections'.

And those annoying TfL adverts haven't escaped unscathed either.

But they're not the only ones – take a look at more of We Fix Your Adverts' excellent handiwork:

In other news, TfL has spent £600,000 on the non-existent night tube.

And someone's painted a mural of Donald Trump in Shoreditch just so they could egg it.

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